Giving back

We are of the view that giving back should be systemic and continuous. It is with this in mind that we embark on the journey with framing futures and plastics recycle program which we have launched in papine.

  • Framing Futures

    Improving how our children see is improving how our children learn. Clear and concise vision is an imperative part in learning from your environment. It is in hearing and seeing that children are able to best benefit from a quality education. To cement our commitment to continued construction of a better more educated Jamaica, Eyeland Eyewear is offering free prescription eyewear all year round to GSAT students in waiting.

    For more information call:630-1180 or email us at

  • Live Well

    Eyeland Eyewear is happy to embark on a journey to systemically keep plastics out of the gullies, rivers and seas. We are donating and maintaining recycle bins through out Jamaica. We have launched the program in Papine and should continue to spread our efforts at a rate of 10 bins per month. We invite everyone to join us in this initiative. Our children are depending on us for a clean healthy environment.

    For more information call:630-1180 or email us at

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