Free Eye test Terms and Conditions


Enjoy free eye examinations at any of our Eyeland Eyewear outlets ‘eyelandwide’ from Mondays through  to Saturdays. 




This offer is open to anyone who desires to have their eyes examined/re-examined. 


Examinations are done through appointments only. Booking your appointment is easy via phone, in person or online. When booking your appointment make sure your desired date and time are at least 24 hours into the future. 


You must reserve a minimum of J$3,900 to be used as deposit on an eyewear of your choice from our establishment. In the instance that your examination comes back 100% positive and you do not require corrective eyewear then no deposit will be required. 


Free testing is only applicable to pending customers of Eyeland Eyewear. Eye examination results will remain on file at Eyeland Eyewear only. If you plan on purchasing your corrective eyewear elsewhere then unfortunately you are not eligible for the free testing and as such you will be charged a sum of J$1,500. In this case you may receive a print-out of your eye examination upon request having tendered the regular fee.


Book your appointment today and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to serve you.


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