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  • Single Vision

    Buy a factory direct frame  for only $1,400.00 and prescription single vision lenses for as low as $2,500.00.  Your prescription eyeglasses will be for just $3,900.00. If you are under 40yrs, it is likely that you may only need single vision prescription lenses. If you are over 40yrs and need eyeglasses for up close tasks only, such as reading fine prints. This package is also perfect for you. So go ahead browse our wide selection of frames and book your free eye test now. We can’t wait to serve you .

  • Bifocal

    Bifocal Lens is usually prescribed for people over 40 to compensate for Presbyopia but they may also be prescribed to children and young adult who may have problems focusing when reading.

    Bifocal Lens contains two (2) lens powers, a small portion for reading/near vision and the rest for distance.

    You may easily get a factory direct frame for only $1400 and your lens for as low as $7900. Your complete Bifocal Eyewear equals $9,300. 

  • Sunsation Single Vision

    Perfect Tint in the day light, Perfect Clear at Nights

    Sunsation lenses use photosensitive technology to transform a clear lens in to a tinted lens once exposed to the sun light; protecting your eyes from invasive eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. Indoors, while it returns crystal clear, it still offers you needed protection from excess exposure to Artificial Lights.

    Buy a factory direct frame for $1,400 and get your sensation lens for as low as $8,900. Your complete Prescription Eyewear equals $10,300. Our Technology offers Maximum UV Protection with Scratch Resistant Coating. 


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